Yuen-Ron Shen


Born in March 1935, Prof. Yuen-Ron Shen, American nationality, is a physics doctor. As a member of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he specializes in the research of nonlinear optics, laser spectroscopy, surface science and condensed matter physics. From 1972, Prof. Shen has positively engaged in science and technology cooperation with China, and his exchange and cooperation with China has fully manifested the characteristic of “long-term, wide-range cooperation with significant academic impact”. All the exchange and cooperation has dramatically raised the academic status and influence of China in optics and condensed matter physics. In 1980, Prof. Shen proposed the organization of the National Laser Physics Workshop and since then, the total number of workshops is 14. In his laboratory in Berkeley, Prof. Shen himself has guided over 40 visiting scholars and doctoral students from China. And the advice on reform of Chinese science and research system and on evaluation of college teaching given by Prof. Shen, has been adopted by relevant organizations.

Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker


Born in July 1941, Prof. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, German nationality, is a chemistry doctor. As a renowned biochemist, he worked as a full professor in University of Munich since 1980. He used to be President of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Secretary of the European Research Council. From 1981, Prof. Winnacker has put forward a series of innovative ideas and carried out effective measures to establish the Sino-German Center, a number of Sino-German joint research centers and young scientists groups. He has promoted a number of cooperation research programs, joint science investigations and advanced science seminars. He has attached great importance to the nurturing of excellent young scientists to enable them act as outstanding academic leaders and friendly envoys. Prof. Winnacker has made great contribution to the science and technology cooperation between China and Germany.

Michel Che


Born in December 1941, Dr. and Prof. Michel Che, French nationality, is currently working in Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France. He specializes in the research of physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Prof. Michel Che has been long time deeply involving himself in the advanced France-China cooperation on catalysis. After years’ cooperation between Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the France National Center for Science Research (CNRS), a series of important achievements have been obtained in the fields of the manufacture and prediction of catalysis material and theory of catalysis. Thanks to Prof. Michel Che’s great efforts, CAS and CNRS as well as Total Group Company together establish Laboratory of France-China for Catalysis (LFCC), and LFCC has got tremendous achievements in science research. Acted as the Director of Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis (SKLC), CAS (P.R. China), Prof. Michel Che has made enormous contribution toward the science talents cultivation, the development of catalysis science and technology in China, and the upgrading international influence and academic status of catalysis in China.

Vincent Chan


Born in September 1949, Prof. Vincent Chan, American nationality, is a plasma physics doctor. As a famous plasma theory expert, he is the Director of Theory and Computational Science Division, Energy Group, USA. In 2000, Dr. Chan was appointed as the Coordinator of Sino-US Fusion Cooperation. From then on, Dr. Chan has promoted bilateral cooperation between China and USA in National Mega-science research project (EAST), and under his leadership the Sino-US fusion cooperation has come into a rapid developing period. With Dr. Chan’s promotion, American institutions have donated over 220 million Yuan worth equipment, and nearly one hundred Chinese scientists and technologists have gained the chance to communicate and study in USA, most of which have become academic leaders in China. He has made great contribution to the rapid promotion, new discoveries and breakthroughs of nuclear fusion in China.

Arima Akito


Born in September 1930, Prof. Arima Akito, Japanese nationality, is a doctor of Science. As a prominent physicist and a professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, he is currently working as Chairman of the Japanese Science Foundation. He took a number of important positions, having been appointed President of the University of Tokyo; Minister of Education, Science and Culture; and Minister of Science and Technology. During the past thirty years, Prof. Arima Akito has taken an active part in promoting science exchange and cooperation between China and Japan and the friendship between the two nations. With Prof. Arima Akito’s promotion, a number of various exchange and cooperation has covered the following research fields: nuclear physics, synchrotron radiation, policy of science and technology, university teaching and industrialization. And he has contributed greatly to international science and technology cooperation and to the improvement of the research capability of relevant talents. In recent years, Prof. Arima Akito has devoted himself to promoting high-level exchange in strategy and policy of science and technology between China and Japan.

Agustin Lage Davila


Born in March 1949, Prof. Agustin Lage Davila, Cuban nationality, is a doctor of biology. As a renowned biologist and a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Cuba, he is general Director of Center of Molecular Immunology, Cuba. From 1994, Dr. Lage, representing Cuba government, has carried out cooperation in biology technology field between Cuba and China. As the main leadership of “Sino-Cuban cooperation framework agreement in biology medicine field”, Dr. Lage communicated and cooperated with Chinese enterprises to set up Biotech Pharmaceutical Ltd Co. in 2000, the largest cooperation project between Cuba and China in biomedical field. Under the guide of Dr. Lage, Biotech successfully developed the first humanized antibody in China. Dr. Lage has greatly contributed to the development of monoclonal antibody medicine in China.

Britton Chance


Born in July 1913, Prof. Britton Chance, American nationality, is a doctor of Biology. As a member of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, UK, Sweden, etc and former member of the President’s Science Advisory Committee, Prof. Chance specializes in the research field of Biomedical Photonics, Biophysics and Biochemistry. Prof. Chance is one of the founders of international biophysics and biomedical photonics, and in 1974 he was awarded the National Medal of Science of USA. Prof. Chance is friendly to China and actively supports the science and technology development in China. With Prof. Chance’s help, a number of excellent Chinese scientists have been trained and cultivated. Cooperated with Prof. Chance, Huazhong University of Science and Technology started up the construction of the discipline of biomedical photonics since 1997. Prof. Chance has greatly contributed to high-level international academic cooperation and science research.