Below is a brief description of the process involved in selecting the recipients of the Awards.


Organizations qualified for recommendation submit a nomination package comprising all required materials to NOSTA by the time given. Prestigious experts and scholars are also in a position to recommend nominees.

February—March-Acceptance & Formal Examination

To assess eligibility, prior to the preliminary merit evaluation, the formal examination of all nomination packages will be conducted by NOSTA.

April—June-Preliminary Merit Evaluation

Five merit review committees establish several merit evaluation groups to conduct preliminary merit evaluation respectively. All evaluators are selected randomly by NOSTA from the expert database system which is composed by scientists, scholars, professors and engineers etc. These evaluators must be independent of the candidates.

July—Inspection & Objection Handling

To confirm the practical application of science and technology related to candidates, NOSTA will invite experts and scholars to conduct on-the-spot inspections on some recommended items. At the same time, if necessary, NOSTA will organize consultation conferences to handle objections.

August—Merit Review

Five merit review committees convene conferences to review preliminary candidates separately. Five such committees are responsible for the reviewing results in the form of grading awards respectively, which will be submitted to the State S&T Awards commission.

September—Final Judgment

The State S&T Awards commission makes final judgment over the review results submitted by the merit review committees. When the meeting ends, the State S&T Awards awardees are selected, and be confirmed by all the members of the commission.


A report with the State S&T Awards category, grading and awardees is submitted by NOSTA to the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.China for examination, then to the State Council for approval.

Next January—Award Ceremony

The State S&T Awards ceremony takes place annually in early January at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, attended by the President, the Premier and other state leaders, presenting awards to the awardees.