Approved by the State Council, the National Office for Science and Technology Awards (NOSTA) was established in May, 1985. NOSTA is responsible for the management of the state science and technology (S&T) awards and R&D achievements.

Its main responsibilities are:

a. implement policies and regulations concerning state S&T awards and organizes experts to evaluate candidates for the awards;

b. put provincial and ministerial-level S&T awards on record, and guide local work on S&T awards;

c. carry out international cooperation and exchanges on state S&T awards and disseminates relevant information;

d. draft policies and regulations concerning state S&T awards and management of R&D achievements;

e. register and manage the S&T awards initiated by civic entities;

f. register, count and evaluate R&D achievements, facilitate their commercialization and dissemination, organize the inspection of research findings for export, and training of administrators in this field.


Director: Xin Lin

Deputy Directors: Zhimin Chen, Hongshan Gao, Yue Teng